All plants are only $2.00 each except where noted.

There is no minimum order. All plants are individually labeled (most correctly).

By placing an order you have indicated that you have read this page in full.

You agree to all my little idiosyncrasies; any deviations may result in my shipping you a warm steamy gift from my neighbor’s llama pasture 😉

Heirloom Tomatoes of Texas will no longer accept orders from out of state…Sorry folks, I greatly appreciate you interest, but the variety of shipping dates and distances has made this unmanageable.

Heirloom Tomatoes of Texas will no longer accept or process any order placed consisting of all red colored fruit. It’s a principle thing… Come on; try just ONE, of any OTHER color, is that too much to ask? If you insist on ordering only red fruited varieties, see above.

IMPORTANT: All web orders must have a reachable e-mail address and phone number (I’ve showed you mine, your turn). I like to send an order confirmation note to the address from which PayPal receives the order…if your e-mail address is different, it or a phone number, must be included with your order.
Sorry, but if I can’t contact you promptly I have to refund your order.Ordering other than the web be sure to include your name and telephone number in all communiques.

Daytime phone number830•537•5251Leave your name and phone number and I will return your call and take your order personally
EmailHeirloom Tomatoes of Texas
Mailing AddressKeith Amelung
Heirloom Tomatoes of Texas
215 W. Bandera Rd., Ste 114 PMB #455
Boerne, Texas 78006

Credit Card Orders: Secure Service is provided by PayPal.
Credit Card customers go to the front of the line. First come, first serve. Sorry, but I cannot process CC orders other than via the net. If you are uncomfortable paying by these means, e-mail me your order and follow it with your check; See below.

Personal Check or Money Order: Make payable to Keith Amelung or Heirloom Tomatoes
Checks and Money Orders must clear before order processing, Please allow ten business days for this. These orders will be placed ‘in line’ at this time. Payment must include all shipping and handling fees.

PICKING UP…not that easy, sorry!
Sorry, but we are not open to the public. Folks in San Antonio, Austin and adjacent areas are welcome to stop by and visit us when we are out and about at local plant shows/markets during the months of March and April. Check the ‘News’ page for the places and dates where we will be. Credit card orders are accepted through Pay Pal only; you should notice a button for ‘Pick-Up Orders’ which will waive the freight charges. Placing your order early is the only way to reserve a specific variety, though we will have plenty of quality ‘maters at these sales.

This is a little hobby business for me. I have a real job that keeps me very busy, especially in the springtime. Therein, my offer to waive freight and let you “Pick Up” your order is pretty much a favor and at the discretion of my time off schedule. I’m truly sorry for being so bluntly candid but this “option” turned out to be a real problem last year and something has got to give… If you aren’t flexible about when you can pick up your plants please choose to let me ship them to you.

My employer frowns on my conducting ‘Mater biz on their time so I would just assume not, so please don’t ask to pick plants up at my work. Other arrangements will have to be worked out.

All orders are shipped U.P.S. or Fed Ex second day ground. I ship out Monday thru Wednesday to assure arrival by Friday. Sorry, no P.O. Boxes please.

Overnight and Rush Orders are gladly accepted for additional $$$, with 24hr. notice

Freight Charges vary considerably by weight (number of plants per box) and destination (by zip code) Actual charges are based on a full box weight of 20lbs. from Boerne, Texas to your zip code. In the rare instance freight charges are grossly miscalculated we may need to bill additionally, or refund accordingly. Texas is a big state and it may be necessary to upgrade shipping charges to ensure quality service, especially in rural areas (you know who you are!). We will always consult with you prior to any additional billing if required.

Handling Charges: $5.00 per box (1 to 20 plants ea.). Yeah, it takes just as long to pack one plant as it does to box up twenty.

Split-Shipping: For those who take advantage of early shipment of the large fruit varieties, please indicate as appropriate at check out with your second order. Early ship varieties must be ordered separately or they will be held until the total order is ready.

SUBSTITUTIONS: I don’t like ’em. When a variety sells out quickly or ‘craps out’ though, you may wish for the next-best similar variety (our choice) or a refund. Please indicate appropriately upon checkout.

SOLD OUT: All varieties are produced in fairly small quantities, only 30 to 300 plants per., plus I get first pick! Order early to assure the availability of the heirloom tomatoes you have chosen. Pick the delivery date that best suits you. First shipments of most varieties should be available by the second week of March, weather permitting.

All plants are shipped in the best possible condition I can offer. I won’t ship a plant that I wouldn’t buy myself. Occasionally orders may arrive in a less than acceptable condition. I simply ask “What did you do?” Seriously, ‘mistakes’ happen in the shipping stages. Notify me within 48 hours of arrival by phone preferably, or email and I will do my best to replace those plants damaged. Unfortunately I can not refund shipping fees on these rare replacement orders but, I will take care of the handling charges. Replacement orders are limited to available stock on hand.

No other warranties are expressed or implied. Just my word, to do my best for you.