Early Shipping

For those of you who just can’t wait! Below you will find a list of some 30+ varieties which take a little longer before they set fruit, or just like the cooler temperatures our springs are sometimes lacking. It just so happens these are the varieties that typically set the largest fruit, what we called last year “Large Fruited, A.K.A. “Slicers”. These will be started a full month earlier than all remaining varieties so you devoted `mater heads can get your hands grubby a little earlier! As weather permits, these should start shipping in late February, yes FEBRUARY!!!(But probably early March, it all depends on the weather!). Step them up in to a larger container or go ahead and be brave and set `em out. you can always buy a few more if they freeze. If they don’t, you’re a month ahead of your neighbors!

These must be ordered separately and indicated as an early ship on the order form; if combined with other varieties the order will be held until it can be shipped complete. If you would just assume receive your order all at problem, just order all your varieties as normal. Check the shipping page for `split-shipping’ rates

Black Fruit

As a category ‘black fruit’ tomatoes are considered to be very rich and full of interesting flavors. Another bonus is the general ability to produce even in warm weather regions. This is the single hottest category, more folks asked about ‘black fruit’ last spring than any other group. Attached are my choice offerings for this next season. As with many of the other categories there are a lot more black tomato varieties on the market and I hope to add many more over the up-coming years, it’s up to you to let me know which.


THE name in tomatoes, the flavor standard by which all other tomatoes are judged. Of all the ‘Brandywine’ varieties developed over the years only the choicest can carry on the name and legend. The following are my personal picks. No heirloom tomato garden is complete without at least one representative from this noble line.


My overall favorite category, cherry tomatoes awaken the child in all of us. These plants are the true definition of an edible ornamental, a garden favorite to add beauty and provide a tasty respite on a leisurely stroll. I offer many cherries because I believe there are few things prettier than a really big bowl full of these assorted colored and flavored garden gem-stones. The varieties I am offering will fill the hearts of any serious chef, and will challenge the space limitations of the most harried tomato-fancier. I dare thee to grow one of each!!!

Small Fruited

Not far behind the cherries comes this fantastic grouping. Something for everyone; superior production, an indescribable medley of flavors, and a cosmic color spectrum that Walt Disney would die for (See, I told you). This selection is highly recommended for chefs and market growers interested in offering their clientele the greatest of tomato diversity. I grow lots of these…

Large Fruited a.k.a. ‘Slicers’

Everybody loves a big juicy red ‘Mater, bursting full of flavor on a warm summer day. This category is where most folks start, but I’m hoping YOU will break that pattern. Every garden is going to include a good number of big-red-mater plants, as well they should, but with all the other choices in all the other categories I hope you won’t take up all your space with them. However, if you must, the following varieties in this category including the new ‘Julia Childs’ will be sure to impress you and your neighbors.

Orange & Yellow Fruit

The favorite category of gourmets and chefs of all walks alike for the color and flavor these fine tomatoes add to any dish they grace. Usually thought to be less acidic than there red brethren, this is not so. The higher sugar content typically offered by the fruit in this class only serves to mask the underlying acids.

Bi-Colored Fruit

The heirloom tomato gardener’s secret has been getting out, not only some of the biggest and prettiest fruit to be had but many consider the sweetest category of all. I’m only offering a handful of varieties, like with the ‘black fruit’, but I am hoping your demand will bring many more in the seasons to come…

Green & White Fruits

This is the category that sets the true tomato addict apart from the crowd. If you’ve got the room to play a little in your vegetable garden this year, try a few of these varieties and discover the deep, deep diversity available in tomato flavors…

‘Maters fer Pastin’

Lots of you good ‘ol cowboys have gotten interested in drying your own ‘maters for takin along on those long trail drives. Most of us urbanized city folk would just be happy to make a nice fresh sauce now and again. Whichever your proposed use: drying, sauces, salads or just good ol’ fresh eatin’ from the vine, these are some of my favorites.

Choice Hybrids

To quote an old Letterman bit, “I do, and do, and do for you kids and this is the thanks I get”. The banner reads ‘Heirloom Tomatoes of Texas’ not ‘Every Tomato Known to Man’, but I’ll get off my well worn soap box for a minute…There comes a time when I will occasionally listen to my customers – not often, ’cause you know how much even good folks can yak, yak, yak – and I will consider growing even the occasional (gulp) hybrid. Enough of your kind words have cracked my hybrid-hatin-heart that I offer the following handful. To be completely truthful I do grow and highly recommend ‘Sungold’, so if I am already compromising myself to offer this one mutant strain, why not a few more?

Personal Favorites

I would prefer not to impose my judgment or ‘recommendation’ on any variety as even I have had poor luck one year only to be rewarded nicely the next. Notes are offered on varieties I’ve worked with, but we are adding over SEVENTY new tomatoes for the 2004 season. I encourage you to check out photos of any variety at either or