‘Mater Links


For 500+ Varieties Heirloom Tomato Seeds and reservations to the Carmel TomatoFest®

Fertile Garden Supply

Organic Garden Supplies shipped throughout the continental United States

Hot Peppers from Natural Way

Your source for organically grown, hand picked HOT or SWEET peppers!

Texas Tomatoes

A gardening forum dedicated to discussion and information of growing tomatoes in our state.

Soil Foodweb Inc.

Soil Testing and Education Center. A fantastic resource for the dedicated natural gardener.

The nation’s leader in Compost Tea research and development of methodology.

The Victory Seed Company

Open-pollinated & Heirloom Seeds

Victory Seed Co.

Really, really cool seeds including many found Livingstons tomatointroductions and created

heirlooms by Craig LeHoullier. I really like these folks, cool seeds, great service = check ‘em out!

Oh yeah…lots of stuff other than ‘maters, as if you really care.